Thursday, April 20, 2017

Five for Friday #term2

Back to school for term 2! yay!

1. I picked up my Voortrekker team t-shirts this week. I am SO happy with how they came out.
I cant wait to give them to the kids and take a photo with all the kids in their t-shirts. I honestly didnt know that I would enjoy Voortrekkers this much. Any excuse to behave like a kid yourself, right? I am amazed by how different boys and girls are. I mean, I know they are different but when I plan my activities I can immediately tell you what the boys are going to enjoy and what they wont enjoy and the same with the girls. Eventually the team will have to split and I am leaning towards going with the boys because Mr W is in that team and ultimately I am doing this for him.

2. Last weekend was Easter weekend. It already feels like a lifetime ago. We attended my favourite church service of the year called "Road to the Cross." It is such a special day reflecting about the days leading up to Jesus's crucifixion. We were served communion halfway through the service and I remember thinking why on earth are these little glasses only filled halfway... little did I know they were filled with vinegar. O my goodness... you can just imagine kids choking and spitting after taking a sip of vinegar. It was so funny but neither of my kids will ever forget that Jesus had to drink vinegar on the cross.

3. School started this week. Roll on term 2 - we are ready for you! The kids are excited about the Netball and Rugby season ahead. All I can think about is that I hope we play at schools with good coffee because those early morning Rugby games are FREEZING!

4. My uncle passed away this week. I have been thinking about my dad's last days/hours all week. I miss him like crazy...

5.  I "invented" a new chicken dish with pasta, tomato and basil. DELICIOUS... I am sure everyone feels like this but food has gotten SO expensive. I really need some new ideas for supper and lunch.

How has your week been? Any great recipes that you can share with me?

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