Monday, September 7, 2015

On Moving and other random thoughts

A new notebook or diary fills me with so much excitement...  a new blog with a new name does the same thing. New beginnings... A clean page to fill up with my thoughts and ramblings. I'm going to steal a page out of Cat's book (or blog) and blog about what is going on in our lives but try and protect my kids identities and not show photos of their faces.. only photos of hands, feet, etc. or mention their names. It was something that I never really considered before but with after a chat with a friend it does make more sense to protect the kid a bit. I love my other blog but that is more of a diary for the kids .. this one is for me. My thoughts, my fears, hopes and dreams.. my daily struggle as a working mom to really be there for my kids... to truly HEAR them...

So who am I? I am a designer who love my job, a mom who is head over heals in love with my kids and a wife to my first love... Its not all hearts and roses though, there has been moments where I want to leave the kids outside in the box with a sign that says "free to a good home" :)

Let me introduce you to the rest of the family....

Miss M is a 8 year old with the most gorgeous big brown eyes and huge determination to conquer everything she sets her mind on. She loves Jesus and teaches me about forgiveness and letting go on a daily basis.

Mr W is a 4 year old that runs through life with a laugh and a smile. This boy owns my heart. He loves hanging out in the kitchen with Mommy and baking up a storm

Mr K is the person whom my soul loves. He drives me nuts but he is the one special person who I want to annoy for the rest of my life.

So here goes... This is me...

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