Thursday, November 5, 2015


I start a new blog and then I neglect it!!! I truly SUCK but anyway! Let me update you on what is happening over at our house. We did Santa Shoeboxes this year and I can honestly say that we all loved it. We do various projects throughout the year to teach the kids about people who are not as fortunate as we are but it was our first shoebox project. It was such a humbling experience when Wian asked me with quite a HORRIFIED face, why we are buying soap and a toothbrush for a Christmas pressie? I think he honestly thought I was losing the plot a bit! Where is the FUN stuff, Mum? I showed them a few videos on F.B. about how excited these kids get when opening the boxes and that soap and toothbrushes are something worth getting excited about for them. How sad is that?
It was good for all of us to pause in the midst of our busy lives and just be grateful for what we have.

Work is so tense at the moment. (I might need to write about that topic soon but not today.. perhaps getting it all off my chest might make me feel better about it!) Apart from all the drama, when you ask the work peeps to give to a cause, they all come to the party and then some. I'm so proud to say that we collected 17 shoeboxes. It would have been even more if I told them all about it earlier. I'm proud to work with such giving people. Always willing to help and reach out to those in need. Apart from Santa Shoebox, we did Santa Paws boxes as well as some other shoeboxes for our church.  Well done girls! :) I am a firm believer in as freely as you give, you will receive... Next year we will pledge even more boxes!

M&W started swimming lesson again a few months ago and swimming lessons for W is ALWAYS a struggle. He is definitely not a water baby like his mom  and sister. I am proud to say that he swam a whole length in the pool this week. **high five my baby** Mommy is so proud of you for hanging in there until you got the hang of it! M is a real water baby and the coach approached me again this week to discuss introducing her to club swimming. I still feel that we are not quite ready yet. Perhaps next year... I am very careful to not fill up her schedule too much. We are already busy with "negotiations" for the 2016 extra curricular activities if you can believe it!! W is a easy baby... he just goes with the flow but M has to plan, think, dream about all the activities. If I give her, her own way she will probably never have time for actual schoolwork. I think at the moment we are leaning towards Voortrekkers and swimming for both... Rugby, Cricket and Judo for W and for M, Chess, Drama, Netball and the latest one she is pondering about is dance. Ballet or Hip Hop? I am still keen for us to join a running club but so far only 3 out of the 4 of us are keen about this idea. I shall bat my lashes a bit more at Mr K an see if we can get a "yes" out of him before the end of the year. I think it will be a nice family activity and he seems to think that we won't really have time for it once the year gets started... anyway... we will see how things work out.

Before I carry on doing what I actual get paid to do... we grew TOMATOES! How cool is that? I am like a hospice worker when it comes to plants. I cannot get anything to grow and here, without too much effort on my part, I grew a whole BUSH of tomatoes! Can you tell how seriously chuffed I am?

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