Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mr W is 5!

Dear Mr W,

You are 5! I almost can't believe I am typing this. I can still remember when you made your dramatic entrance into the world in the ward at 3:26 instead of the labour room no less. I can remember your lifeless blue body when the doctor had to grab you from me and start CPR to keep you breathing. I remember the time we spent in the NICU. Me telling you how much I love you, how long I have waited for you and how much I wanted to take you home to meet your sister. I have clear memories of us having long chats in the small hours of the morning while the rest of the world was sleeping. The excitement of finally taking you home... And now you turned five.

You are such a special little dude. Me and you still have long chats but luckily they are not in the middle of the night anymore. You are my little kitchen helper and the one who is always first to ask "How was your day, mommy?" You are a super star in making sure all our furry friends get their treats before we leave in the morning. You detest colouring in and art is hard work and you do not enjoy it at all. Your teacher says what she admires about you is that you will finish every project even though one can honestly see that you would much rather be doing anything else.

You love your Minion duvet and gets very upset when its wash day. You love swords, guns and anything army. Favourite cereal is still weetbix with water (yuck) and you wont eat if if you didnt see me put the sugar in. Favourite lunchbox treat is a chocolate muffin from Wild Bean Cafe and your least favourite popcorn. You are not a morning just like me. We avoid the other 2 members of the family and their cheery conversation first thing in the morning. Actually we run in the opposite direction if we hear them coming!

My boy... My little man... I pray that you will soar and that you will be a true man of God. I pray that your life will be filled with the fruit of the spirit and that you will never forget the important things in life. All those things that seem important when you are young... They are not. Forget the fast car, the perfect girl, the great body... Find the things and people who give you joy and keep them close. I love you with all my heart x