Sunday, November 8, 2015

Be kind

This weekend was one of those where I had to keep on checking my watch to make sure we left activities/parties on time so that we could get to the next one on time. HECTIC doesn't even begin to describe it!

The day started off with Mr W meeting his Gr R teacher for next year. Such a sweet kind lady! I know he is going to be so happy with her next year... of course it helps a lot of your best buddy is in the same class as you. These two boys are so sweet and sensitive and plays so nicely together. I saw a bit of a tussle with them and another boy and I was amazed at how these two just had each other backs. It makes my soul so happy to know that my boy has someone in his corner no matter what happens. It warmed my heart when Mr S's mom told me that S prays for W every night... We do the same. This is such a precious friendship and I hope that it will last for years to come. It reminds me of the verse - "... a real friend sticks closer than a brother" Proverbs 18:24

At the last party of the day something happened that really ruined an almost perfect day for me. The moms were sitting around under a tree pulling apart and talking about all the teachers as well as kids that they deemed to be naughty and/or bullies. A good old fashioned "skinner." It was SO nasty... there is no other word for it. O my goodness... I was so shocked to say the very least. My view on teachers is that we all have different personalities and some teachers, I am going to get along better with than others. At then end of the day I will treat all teachers with respect and expect the same from my children.

I am probably not going to be very popular for what I am about to say but it was extremely hard for me to sit around and listen to this nonsense. I had to really grit my teeth to not say something and in hind sight - should I not have said something? I cannot believe that people can be so nasty and judgmental. We are so quick to judge but we don't really know the person whom we are judging circumstances. So often I think that one bad word could be the last straw for the person being discussed. What upset me even more is that a lot of the kids were sitting around us listening to the conversation. Sometimes as Christians we are so worried about being called judgmental that we become tolerant of sin. I have to remind myself that I am commanded to love the person and hate the sin - not to judge.  Teaching is a serving profession.. and not a very highly paid one at that. I would never be able to be a teacher - I don't even have enough patience with my own kids on a good day! These ladies have a calling to teach children. I think its just SO wrong to judge them for everything they did or didn't do wrong. People need to remember these ladies are also just normal humans with their own families, their own problems to go home to at the end of the day. I have been avoiding certain mom's and mom groups all year but obviously at a party there is not much one can do about it. I think my heart is just so sore that instead of having a nice friendly chat - sharing with fellow moms - it was nasty and negative from the word go.

On the upsides.. thank the pope for all the NICE moms out there. *high five* to all of you for building up instead of breaking down!

On that note... have a GREAT week!


  1. I think I might have made myself unpopular and said something. In our house teachers are put on a pedestal - we will never say anything wrong about teachers. I am also very careful about what I say of them in front of others. I may say "A was not a great teacher for my C - their personalities clashed - but she did teach him well and he was well prepared for the next grade" But that is about how far I will go with criticism.

    1. Oh an NEVER in front of the children!

    2. Love it! I cannot agree more.. and NEVER in ront of the children!