Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bucket list for December 2015

I saw this on SUPERbusyMOM 2.0's blog ( this morning and I immediately couldn't wait to write my own! Life is so busy and a while ago I thought to myself I should plan more outings, do more things... the kids grow up so fast and then all we are going to have left from this precious time growing up are the memories! (And lots of photos of course!!)

First on our list is definitely a visit to Dinokeng.  I designed a vistor's guide for them a while ago and since then I have been dying to go. Who knew there was such a nice game reserve right on our doorstep!

I think a follow up visit to the super fun water slides at Zambibush is defintely on our list.
I might not be able to walk the next day because that red slide is not as meek and mild as it seems but I cant wait to let my inner 5 year old come out.

We are super blessed to kick off our holiday with a week at the beach! Wooohoo! 
Lots of sand, water, sun are vital ingredients to recharge our batteries.

I love ice skating but we haven't been there in the last 6 month even though its literally 5k's from home. Miss M is a little pro but Mr W still hangs onto mum's hand all the way around. Nice outing for daddy to show off his cool moves and its usually nice and cool to be inside the rink when its a 40 degree summer day outside!

The kids have been Acro Branching quite a few times this year but I haven't tried it yet.
I am deadly afraid of heights and I am probably going to wet myself but I think this is my birthday outing for the year. If I'm brave enough...  Every year I pick something fun/extreme/nuts to do on my birthday which I usually end up regretting yet loving at the same time!

I can't wait for the holidays. A whole month of relaxing with my family. There is a lot of other things on the kids lists like another visit to BOUNCE Inc and the Snake Park in Harties which we will probably also fit in somewhere.  I know we will be spending a lot of time in and around the pool,  having braai's with friends and generally just hanging out and having fun. We play lots of board games, legos, Miss M and I read a lot while the boys watch their "stories" on TV. Its such a special time of the year for me and there are only 19 sleeps left! WOOOOHAAAAA! x


  1. Oh enjoy the beach! We are so going ot do Zambibush too and already have a date for Acrobranch

    1. I miss the beach. Cant WAIT to finally feel the sand under my feet after all these months!