Thursday, November 5, 2015


Ive been blogging since before Mr W was born, thats almost 5 years ago. Time flies..  o my goodness! Anyway... I recently decided to create a new "open" (for lack of a better word) blog because I like writing about mommy things and interacting with other blogging moms but on the other hand, I have to protect my kids identity. This blog is for me, so in all fairness, even though I write about my kids, I will have to be more careful about photos I post and what I write about.

I thought long and hard about a name for my blog and I decided if there is one thing that I want to be, one thing I want to teach my children, it is to always be hopeful. We ALWAYS have hope. We can choose hope in every situation, no matter how bad things seem in the natural world. We have supernatural hope and no one can ever take that away from you. One of my favourite bible verses is ... FAITH is being sure of what you HOPE for and being certain of thing unseen. No matter what happens or what storm hits, I will always remain a hopeful mom.

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