Monday, November 16, 2015

Last week was one CRAZZZZZZZZY week! Ms M decided that she really wants to be on the swim team and started to practice with the school's new coach. Three mornings of leaving the house at 6 am with packed lunch boxes and fed kids. I feel like I should give myself a high five for getting everyone where they needed to be on time.

As most of you know, it has been one of the hotest weeks ever in P-town. Everyone seemed to be a bit on edge and irritated because of the heat. The kids kept on waking up in the middle of the night because they are hot/thirsty/irritated... Im a gal who loves my sleep so between getting up early and being woken up it was not a fun week. Then Thursday happens.. The highlight of my crazy... I pulled an all nighter at work. Really... I worked all night and saw the sun come up on Friday. I never do this anymore because lets face I am not quite the spring chicken I pretend to be anymore. I felt like the walking dead all weekend which really annoys me cause its the only real uninterrupted family time we have in a week. I have always been the big mouth mom who had a  lot to say about loving work and not wanting to be a SAHM but lately I wonder... I might have mumbled something to mr K about it which almost made him fall of his chair. He was not impressed at all to say the least. Financially we are almost were we want to be - finally being able to save for our kids future education and dreaming about a bigger house with a pool. I am reading a book that keeps on reminding me to bloom where you are planted. You are in a certain place for a certain amount of time for a reason... But yet I find myself asking - is it all worth it? Am I a better mom to my kids cause I am doing something I love even though it stresses me out on occassion? Then the dreaded question... Am I spending enough quality time with them, building our relationship? Ugghhh who knows!? Only time will tell I guess.

Onto a more fun topic. Mr W is having his birthday 9 days. We started the count down at day 28 this year. My boy is getting so big and what I really love is that he is such a momma's boy at the moment. We are not having a party this year for lots of reasons but I will be taking him, his sister and a few friends to zambibush resort - a new waterpark that opened a while ago. I find myself stressing over party packs and cake for 5 kids. I know its nuts but I cant seem to help myself. I want him to have a good time and not feel deprived because I didnt want to spend 3k on a party this year. Guilt... Glorious mommy guilt...

Like they say, tomorrow is a new day! Roll on Monday! X


  1. I love that the school is promoting the swimming more. I can not do all nighters any more - way too old! Honestly I have no answer on the work mom thing -one thing I do know - if I do not work the kids will be able to do way less of the things they love

  2. True!!! I do agree... I have never even considered it before because I truly love working but lately things just get too much. In the wise words of my mom... its the end of the year, everything is too much right now! x