Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last few hours of 2016.... Roll on 2017

The year is a few hours from being over and I still cant make up my mind about what my "word" (focus) for 2017 should be.  This year I focused on having hope in all circumstances. I don't think I always succeeded but it was a good year on the whole. Losing daddy was the lowest point of my year and I know we still have quite a road ahead of us as far as that goes. The rest was really pretty awesome.... I know I worked and stressed way too much with times.. Perhaps I will manage things better in 2017.

Highlights of 2016
- Getting to know my brother's quirky wonderful girlfriend and welcoming her to the family.
- Two of my friends fell pregnant after a bit of a struggle.... Super excited for all the babies next year.
- Friday morning coffee club was a definite highlight. Spending time with like minded moms are always fantastic.
- Both kids joined the Voortrekkers this year. I loved it as much as what they did.
- Mr W played Bulletjierugby once again and he totally rocked. It makes all those late nights and early morning worth it when you see how much your child enjoys an activity.
- Being a bridesmaid again and celebrating my friends wedding with them. Very few people share a love like theirs. O yes and I baked a killer chocolate wedding cake :)
- Miss M totally rocked at chess this year. She had to work really hard after missing the SA champs in December 2015. We met and employed an amazing new coach for her. Coach S is fantastic and I cant stop singing her praises to everyone. Miss M won all her games at the SA team event December 2016, playing for the under 10 girls A team. She received her first board prize ever. Super proud mom!
- Looking back I am so grateful for all the time we spent with Daddy this year :)
- Both kids did really well at school and it gives me hope for next year... Gr 1 and 4 in one year does just sound like its going to be terribly hectic.
- I read so many good books this year. My favourite by far was the Rose Gardner series by Denise Grover Swank.

Cheers 2016... Thank you for the memories and the lessons learnt. I am waving goodbye as I waltz lightly towards 2017.

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