Monday, January 2, 2017

Last bit of vacay vibes

We have been hanging around the house for the last week, relaxing and recharging for the new work year thats starting way too soon. Miss M started her extra chess lessons last week so we can only plan fun things for the afternoons. Usually we hang out around the pool or binge watch series... Until today... When this happened...

The kids (and their mum) have been dying to try gourmet milkshakes but it seems like a lot of the places here in P-town are still closed so we decided to make our own crazy milkshakes. It was loads of fun. We added everyhing chocolate we could lay our hands on and topped it off with mint sweetie pies. Happy memories are made when there is a ton of chocolate involved.

Hope you are enjoying your holiday! 
Why o why does time seem to fly when you are having fun?

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