Thursday, January 12, 2017

Grade 1 AND 4 here we come....

School started yesterday for us (like for most of SA) and it was a big day, as our little man started grade 1! He is normally a shy, reserve boy but he totally rocked his first day. Confident and sure of himself, he showed us where his classroom is and where he should leave his school bag. The attitude was very much one of "Please can you just LEAVE?" and "Enough photos already... so not cool, Mom!" I told everyone I that I was probably going to sob my heart out but my boy didn't even give me a chance. He had ME out the door before I could even have a "moment"!

Miss M started grade 4 yesterday. A big year in terms of starting exams and having different teachers for each subject. She has been eagerly awaiting this year and was very excited to go to school yesterday. I am so grateful for moms at school with older kids who are willing to share some wisdom in making this transition as easy as possible. I think being super organised is going to be very important this year.

I fetch the kids yesterday afternoon and they were all still smiles and super happy about school, their teachers and of course, seeing all their friends again. We are ready for 2017!
How was your kiddo's first day back?


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  1. My grade 4 is struggling a bit to remember things....