Thursday, February 2, 2017

5 for friday - week 4/2017

1. Vaping. Who knew that a non smoker like me would become a fan of vaping. The boss man swopped over December and it was a rough 2 weeks before his body adjusted. I never had an issue vir Mr K's smoking but now that he has stopped everything just smells better.

2. Suits is back!!! This is by far one of my favourite tv shows. I have missed Harvey and Mike... Who takes a 2 month long production break in the middle of season?

3. A certain brother and sister Afrikaans singers recently started their own tv show on VIA. This week the sister went home with her domestic worker for a night. What a shock to hear that her 92 year old mother has never had a bath and that they have NEVER had running water. We are truly living our lives with blinders on.

4. Childhood cancer suck. A boy in Mr W's year group was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. It breaks my heart to see him struggle and have to fight so hard to just do normal things like going to school. Here is the article...

5. Miss M is back at ice skating academy and Mr W played his first Bev cricket game this week. Its rough because both activities are on Wednesdays but both are the kids SO happy. Definite firm favourites on the activity list.

Counting the hours till the weekend...
Have a GOOD one.

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  1. Oh Ruben's story touch everyone - what a brave family. Hubby is now going for 3 months - but he thanks to Alan Carr stopped and did not subsitiute