Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Melmoth Wedding

How on earth did a whole month pass since my last post? Its INSANE how quickly time is flying by! I can hardly believe that I already received Mr W's rapport card yesterday signalling the end of yet another term.

We went to Melmoth in KZN where I grew up for a wedding the beginning of the month. O my.. the memories and the sheer beauty of the area. It was amazing... I also realised that my kids are definitely city kids. Is this not just so beautiful? I can remember playing on that dirt road as a child with all my cousins. Kind of made me think how differently my kids are being raised...

My mom is a master baker and she always baked and catered for weddings and functions. She owned her own restaurant when I was at Varsity but my dad hated the long hours so she gave it up. My cousin asked her to help with the dessert table.. Isnt this just amazing? She baked and baked for a week. I contributed the donut tower and was in charge of the taste tests which had to be conducted frequently :) I had the same thing for my wedding many moons ago 

The venue on the farm :)

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  1. What a beautiful area - and oh my! I would fly into that desert table right now